On October 1, 2003 – Pamela S. Canady and Christine Fetzer Canady, Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law, opened Treasure Coast Title Agency of Vero, Inc., with a vision to deliver the best customer service and to build a clientele based upon trust, integrity, and to treat each customer the exact way we would expect to be treated.

Mary O. Miller came on board within 3 months of opening our agency and has remained an intricate part of the backbone and the very fiber of our company. Mary is second to none in getting the job done and customer service.

We have persevered during the lean years and the prosperous ones and now with 38 years in the industry for Pam, 15 years for Chrissy, and a total of 15 years for Mary, we have the know-how and expertise to complete all real estate transactions- purchase/sales of residential properties, refinances, construction loans, agricultural lands, VA-FHA-USDA loans and handle each transaction with the utmost dedication to our clients.

This partnership has been one of the greatest adventures of our lives and we have thrived thanks to our can-do attitude and the support of our very loyal and faithful clients throughout the years in this business. With the relationships we’ve built over the years, our clients have become family and friends in the process. This is what is so remarkable and wonderful about Vero Beach.

It’s time for Pam to take a small step back and work on her favorite projects within the company – so now…….we’ll begin a new adventure with ……………………….Dave Wierzbicki.

Dave has been in the title industry for 30 years. He brings to Vero an energetic style that provides top-notch customer service and connections to the modern digital age of real estate. He also helps with real estate coaching.

From a social media standpoint, he brings Treasure Coast into the Edge Settlement Associates family that expands all the way to Pennsylvania. Look for the Treasure Coast brand to expand across the state of Florida.

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